The All Clear System provides a Safer Clearing Procedure.

Typical Facility Clearing

Problems with most common clearing procedures.

Clearing with All Clear

Protect employees when clearing a facility.

All Clear System Features

All Clear is the first technology-based system that protects employees as they open and close a branch. And when your people are protected, so is your institution. All Clear is simple to use, invisible to potential thieves, and protects your most important asset…your people. What’s more, it will keep you in compliance with regulations, and automatically capture staff comings-and-goings, too.


Safely clear your facilities with a single person – flexibility by providing a safe alternative for entering the facility.


How do you know if your employee got to their car safely? Were they forced back inside? Let them tell you when they are safe.


This allows employees to come back at a later time – knowing the facility is empty and Not Clear.


Get text / voice / email messages when an employee does not indicate they are safe while opening or closing.


Manage your security procedures with easy to use tools. Who cleared the facility? Who used it to leave?


Ensure your opening and closing processes are being followed with documented results.



Send messages to all users when there is a major event such as a weather related event or a robbery.


Instantly notify everyone at the location there is an active shooter event in progress.


All Clear System protects your employees and assets, it also automatically gathers much of the data you might need to satisfy regulators. It’s a system that actually makes your job easier, and makes your institution more secure at the same time.

Audit and Notifications

Don’t put off tracking data and keeping up with policies or continue outdated methods of recordkeeping and security procedures.

Leaving / Closing

Protect employees when leaving or closing a facility while staying compliant with Federal regulations.

Active Shooter Alerts

Much like pulling the fire alarm, every employee has the ability to signal an event.
There is no longer the need to alert a central authority and then wait for them to get the word out to everyone.

Notifications (customized by institution)
  • to every employee assigned to the location where the event is occurring
  • to every employee who has used the All Clear System that day (at the location where the Active Shooter event is occurring)
  • to every employee who is assigned to or has used the All Clear System at a nearby facility (at a distance defined by each customer)
  • to the security personnel as defined by each institution – regardless of where they are located
  • during the event, the All Clear System allows the crisis management team to view messages received from everyone involved and to display it in a central location (which can be shared with authorities)
  • the ability to send out mass updates to everyone affected
  • once the event is over – the ability to communicate to everyone affected
Roll Call
  • the system also provides the ability to identify all of the employees who might be at risk and allows them to check in when they are safe
  • a continually updated list is available so the crisis management team can see who is still not accounted for

All Clear System - Active Shooter

Download All Clear System!

Made for Mobile

The All Clear System works 100% by a mobile application and the All Clear Cloud.
Apps are available for Android and the iPhone.
Once you download, contact us to set up your facility.

Download the All Clear System mobile app for Android at the Google Play store. Download the All Clear System mobile app for the iPhone at the Apple App store/iTunes.


System manuals are available for All Clear System customers.
Please enter the password provided to you by your employer or All Clear System Representative to gain access.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • NO – the All Clear System is comprised of multiple components
    • All Clear App
      • Portion of the system which runs on the mobile phones
      • Used to start timers, check status, and indicate you are safe
    • All Clear Cloud
      • Information is stored on the cloud, not on the phone
      • Timers run in the cloud, not on the phone
      • Notifications are done from the cloud, not from the phone
    • All Clear Dashboard / Management Tool
      • Used to configure and manage the system
  • In general it is newer iPhone and Android phones
  • iPhone 4 and IOS version 7 and above
  • Android version 4.0 (Ice_Cream_Sandwich) and above
  • They are not currently supported by the All Clear App.
  • There are some Blackberry phones that have the capability to run Android Apps.
  • Yes – there is a Text version of the system that offers most of the functionality of the mobile app including entering / leaving / indicating you are safe.
  • No – for an entire month of normal usage, the All Clear App uses less than what it takes to load a typical web page one time.
  • No – the download and updates are free from either the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android).
  • The phone’s location services give a more accurate reading when the Wi-Fi is turned on.
  • You DO NOT have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, just have the feature turned on.
  • No – the system looks at your GPS when you press one of the buttons to determine which location(s) you are closest to.
  • The system is generally used when entering / exiting.
  • After you have safely entered or exited, the app can be shut down and will eliminate any usage of battery or other resources.
  • On most phones, it is typically not a problem leaving the app running in background.
  • Yes – the application will remain open and when the icon is clicked on, it will bring you back to where you left off. An example – if you have an Exit to Safe running, the screen will bring you back to the option to press SAFE.
  • Yes – this is treated the same as if the app is put into background.
  • No – when the All Clear App is in background, it does not use the GPS or Wi-Fi.
  • That's ok-
    • If you have gotten the First In message and are the opener, the system does not check your GPS coordinates to complete the opening.
    • If you are using the Exit to Safe and there are no GPS coordinates available, the system will give you a list of branches to choose from.
  • This is different for iPhone and Android
    • iPhone
      • Press the home button – twice – in quick succession
      • A “small” display of each running app will be displayed
      • Find the All Clear App
      • Swipe the App towards the top with your finger
    • Android
      • This is different for each phone
        • For example on the Samsung if you press and hold the home key – you will be presented with a list of running applications. Swipe the All Clear App to the left to close it.
        • On the HTC – there is a button next to the home button which will show all running apps – find the All Clear App and swipe it towards the top
  • This is customizable for each location but generally around 300 meters.
  • The All Clear App will give you a choice if there is more than one location in range.
  • The phone is used to start and stop the timers.
  • Once a timer is started, if you phone is taken or destroyed; the timer will expire and notifications will be sent out.
  • No – the All Clear System notifies key personnel if
    • You fail to clear the location in the allotted time.
    • You fail to reach your safe location in the allotted time.
  • The All Clear System address two key areas
    • Safety of employees
    • Compliance with the regulations
  • The All Clear System provides an opening process that
    • does not require an obvious signal to indicate to others it is clear to come in
    • could potentially be used when the institution uses single person openings
  • The All Clear System provides a closing process that
    • makes sure that each person has reached their safe location as they exit the location
  • When an event occurs, the All Clear System uses text messaging, email, and voice phone calls to notify key personnel
    • Who is potentially in distress
    • Which location are they at
    • Were they entering or exiting the location
    • What is the contact number for the person potentially in distress
    • And – if provided – the 10 digit number to reach emergency services directly
  • The All Clear recommendation is yes but each institution will have its own policies and procedures.
  • Why would I use it every time?
    • When you use the “Enter” portion of the system, it records which location you have entered. By using the system’s console, authorized personnel can determine who was in the location that day. An example of when this might be important would be when bad weather strikes an area and it is important to know who was at that location today.
    • When you use the “Exit to Safe” portion of the system, not only does it indicate you have left the branch in the event of an emergency, but it also provides your own personal timer to make sure you have reached your safe location. Perhaps it is dark or there is bad weather – a simple fall can become life threatening.
  • While there is an option to enter a distress code, a better option might be to simply allow the timer to expire and to not draw attention to the All Clear System.
  • Others will not enter the location because you have not indicated it is safe.
  • As soon as the timer expires, notifications will be sent out.
  • Each institution will have their own policy on how to use the system, please consult your institution’s policy.
  • All Clear does not disclose any information about our users and their usage of the system to anyone outside of All Clear or your financial institution. The system was created for your safety and not to collect information about you for any other reason than the operation and support of the system. The data belongs to your financial institution and is not available to any third parties for any reason.
  • Additionally, the “Service” version of the All Clear System allows users to take photographs and transmit them. If this version is being used, the only photographs that are accessed are those photographs you specifically take and then transmit within the application. No other photographs are accessed by our system for any reason.
  • If you have any questions regarding the access and use of personal information on from your mobile device, please contact All Clear at 423-285-6500.