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Providing an integrated solution to enhance branch operations.

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User-friendly app for all phones!
About Our Sytm

Our System

The All Clear System allows you to enhance your branch operations by providing you tools for employee safety, communications during critical events, and sharpen your branch's daily workflow.

An easy-to-use and easy-to-implement solution allowing every employee to use the system at every location for one low price.

We have created several videos so you can explore how the All Clear system can help your organization's daily operations.



Explore the Different Features of the System

  • Security while clearing and closing the branch.

  • Allows single-person clearing.

  • Alerts if the branch is not cleared properly.

  • Allows any employee to use at any location.

Employee Safety

  • Short, targeted videos.

  • Optional videos with subtitles. 

  • Able to watch from anywhere, anytime.

  • Audit trail for reporting purposes.

Training Vault

  • Quickly communicate with your employees.

  • Easily select region/branch to receive messages.

  • Allows your employees to notify their safety.

Emergency Messaging

  • Creates an automated task list.

  • Digitally logs your branch's customized tasks.

  • Alerts you when task has not benn completed.

Workflow Feature

  • Allows anyone to start the active shooter alert.

  • Notify affected employees within seconds. 

  • Allows employees to provide critical information about the event and their whereabouts.

Active Shooter Alert

  • Report time-sensitive critical incidents.

  • Outside of your internal communication system.

  • Alert key management via text or email.

Branch Incident Response

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Pricing made simple.  Everybody in your organization can use the system at any of your facilities, at any time for

$900 per year, per location.  That's it.  Every feature we offer is included in this low price!  There are no hidden costs or fees.  One simple price.  

Let's Talk Pricing



How about a FREE Test-Drive?

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Are you ready to see for yourself that the All Clear system can have a huge impact on all aspects of your business? We invite you to take a free test-drive! 

Try it for a week, two weeks, maybe more until you are comfortable.  Contact us today to schedule a live demonstration and to set up your FREE test-drive.  

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"Our employees love this system!  It's an extra level of security."
"Training was a breeze with the online videos."
"All Clear was the best
decision we could have made."
"I feel safe leaving work when it is icy, dark, and cold!"
"This system is a life-saver!  Our employees feel safer."
"The Workflow feature allows my team to be more efficient with our daily tasks."
Contact Us!

Ready to start your journey with All Clear?

Contact our team today!

Where can the All Clear system make a difference in your organizaton?

We will be in touch soon!


Download the All Clear System

The All Clear System works 100% by a mobile application and the All Clear Cloud. 

Apps are available for Androids and iPhones.

Once you download the app, contact our team to set up your facility.

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