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At All Clear System, we are committed to providing you with the necessary resources to enhance your branch operations. With our innovative system, you can ensure employee safety, facilitate communication during critical events, and sharpen your day-to-day workflow.

Our all-in-one solution allows you to take control of your branch operations like never before.

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Discover how our cutting-edge technology can transform the way you do business with All Clear System. Our innovative system offers a range of features that are designed to streamline your operations and increase your efficiency. Take a look at some of our highlights below and see for yourself how we can make a difference.


  • Security while clearing and closing the branch.

  • Allows single-person clearing.

  • Alerts if the branch is not cleared properly.

  • Allows any employee to use at any location.

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  • Short, targeted videos.

  • Optional videos with subtitles.

  • Able to watch from anywhere, anytime.

  • Audit trail for reporting purposes.



  • Quickly communicate with your employees.

  • Easily select region/branch to receive messages.

  • Allows your employees to notify their safety.

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  • Creates an automated task list.

  • Digitally logs your branch's customized tasks.

  • Alerts you when task has not been completed.


  • Allows anyone to start the active shooter alert.

  • Notify affected employees within seconds. 

  • Allows employees to provide critical information about the event and their whereabouts.

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What We Do


  • Report time-sensitive critical incidents.

  • Outside of your internal communication system.

  • Alert key management via text or email.


Pricing made simple.  Everybody in your organization can use the system at any of your facilities, at any time.


Every feature we offer is included in this low price!  There are no hidden costs or fees. 

One simple price. 


Per location.

Per Year.


We offer a free, no obligation test-drive of our system. 
Try it for a week, two weeks, maybe more until you are comfortable with the system.

Experience our product in action! Schedule a live demonstration with our team or set up a test-drive for your institution.
Fill out the form below and we get back to you shortly.

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Scan the QR code to learn more about downloading the All Clear app for both Androids and iPhones.

  • Impact on Daily Operations
    Does the All Clear System replace or affect the alarm system? No – the All Clear System notifies key personnel if: You fail to clear the location in the allotted time. You fail to reach your safe location in the allotted time. Why can’t we just keep doing what we are doing? The All Clear System addresses two key areas: Safety of employees. Compliance with the regulations. The All Clear System provides an opening process that: Does not require an obvious signal to indicate to others it is clear to come in. Could potentially be used when the institution uses single person openings. The All Clear System provides a closing process that: Makes sure that each person has reached their safe location as they exit the location. When an event occurs, the All Clear System uses text messaging, email, and voice phone calls to notify key personnel: Who is potentially in distress. Which location they are at. If they were entering or exiting the location. The contact number for the person potentially in distress. And, if provided, the 10-digit number to reach emergency services directly.
  • Your Privacy and Personal Phone
    Will the All Clear App use up my data plan? No – for an entire month of normal usage, the All Clear App uses less than what it takes to load a typical web page one time. Does the All Clear App track me? No – the system looks at your GPS when you press one of the buttons to determine which location(s) you are closest to. Will the All Clear App drain my battery? The system is generally used when entering / exiting. After you have safely entered or exited, the app can be shut down and will eliminate any usage of battery or other resources. On most phones, it is typically not a problem leaving the app running in the background. Does the All Clear App use GPS while running in the background? No – when the All Clear App is in background, it does not use the GPS or Wi-Fi. Privacy of your information All Clear does not disclose any information about our users and their usage of the system to anyone outside of All Clear or your financial institution. The system was created for your safety and not to collect information about you for any other reason than the operation and support of the system. The data belongs to your financial institution and is not available to any third parties for any reason. Additionally, the “Service” version of the All Clear System allows users to take photographs and transmit them. If this version is being used, the only photographs that are accessed are those photographs you specifically take and then transmit within the application. No other photographs are accessed by our system for any reason. If you have any questions regarding the access and use of personal information on your mobile device, please contact All Clear at 423-285-6500.
  • Using the System at any Location
    I don’t have a smartphone, can I still use the system? Yes – there is a Text version of the system that offers most of the functionality of the mobile app including entering / leaving / indicating you are safe. I don’t get a GPS signal in the building? That's ok- If you have gotten the First In message and are the opener, the system does not check your GPS coordinates to complete the opening. If you are using the Exit to Safe and there are no GPS coordinates available, the system will give you a list of branches to choose from. How close to the location do I need to be? This is customizable for each location but generally around 300 meters. What if we have two locations that are close together? The All Clear App will give you a choice if there is more than one location in range.
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